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The Advantages of Using Kiln-Dried Wood for Your Campfire

The Advantages of Using Kiln-Dried Wood for Your Campfire

Rhodri Evans |


There's something inherently magical and mesmerising about a crackling campfire. It's an integral part of the great outdoors, a beacon of warmth and a culinary hotspot. But did you know that the kind of wood you use plays a significant role in your campfire experience? Yes, not all woods are created equal when it comes to campfires. At the top of the list for the best wood for campfires is kiln-dried wood.

Why kiln-dried wood, you ask? Well, in this article, we're taking a deep dive into the world of kiln-dried wood and spelling out why it's the superior choice for your campfires. From easy ignition to consistent heat output, clean burning to longer burning time, kiln-dried wood packs a punch of benefits that can elevate your camping experience.

Why Kiln-Dried Wood?

What is Kiln-Dried Wood?

Kiln-dried wood is, quite simply, wood that has been dried in a kiln (a type of oven). This process removes most of the moisture from the wood, leaving it with a moisture content of around 20% or less. This is a key factor in efficient burning, as high moisture content in wood can lead to smoky fires and inefficient heat output.

During the kiln-drying process, the wood is placed in a specially designed kiln where the temperature, humidity and ventilation can be precisely controlled to facilitate optimal drying. This process not only ensures a low moisture content but also eliminates any insects or pests that may be lurking in the wood.

Benefits of Using Kiln-Dried Wood for Campfires

1. Easy Ignition

One of the key advantages of kiln-dried wood is its ease of ignition. Thanks to its low moisture content, kiln-dried wood catches fire quicker and easier than other types of firewood. This means you can have your campfire up and running in no time, without the frustration of dealing with stubborn wood that refuses to ignite. What's more, our firelighters and kindling can make this process even more straightforward.

2. Consistent Heat Output

Kiln-dried wood provides a consistent and reliable heat output, making it ideal for cooking food or simply keeping warm on a chilly evening. The low moisture content ensures the wood burns at a high and steady temperature, giving you peace of mind knowing your campfire isn't going to suddenly die down or spike in heat.

3. Clean and Low Smoke

There's nothing worse than a smoky campfire. Not only does it irritate your eyes and throat, but it's also bad for the environment. Luckily, kiln-dried wood produces significantly less smoke than green or unseasoned wood. This is because the moisture that causes smoke when burning has already been removed in the kiln. So, you can enjoy a clean-burning campfire and do your bit for the environment too.

4. Longer Burning Time

Thanks to its low moisture content, kiln-dried wood burns for a longer period compared to other types of firewood. This means you can sit back and enjoy the warmth of your campfire for longer, without the need to constantly replenish the wood. Plus, our Swedish fire logs are an excellent supplement for even longer burning times.

5. Reduced Insect Infestation

Nobody wants to deal with an insect infestation while camping. The good news is that the kiln-drying process eliminates insects and pests from the wood. This means you can avoid unwanted guests in your camping area and enjoy a bug-free campfire experience.

6. Environmental Benefits

Using kiln-dried wood for campfires also has environmental advantages. By choosing kiln-dried wood from sustainable sources, you're supporting sustainable forestry practices and reducing deforestation. Plus, burning dry wood results in fewer emissions, helping to reduce air pollution.

How to Identify Kiln-Dried Wood

So how can you be sure you're getting genuine kiln-dried wood? Look for wood that is light in weight (due to the removed moisture), has a sweet woody smell, and shows cracks in the grain (a sign of dryness). It's also important to purchase from reputable suppliers to ensure you're getting what you pay for. For instance, our hardwood ash logs are guaranteed kiln-dried, providing you with the best quality firewood for your campfire.


Choosing the right wood for your campfire can make all the difference in your camping experience and kiln-dried wood is undoubtedly the superior choice. With its easy ignition, consistent heat output, clean and low smoke, longer burning time, reduced insect infestation and environmental benefits, it's the optimal choice for hassle-free and enjoyable campfires.

So next time you're packing for a camping trip, make sure to opt for kiln-dried wood. Because after all, the perfect campfire is more than just a fire, it's a cornerstone of the camping experience.