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The Advantages of Using Kiln-Dried Wood for Your Wood-Burning Furnace

The Advantages of Using Kiln-Dried Wood for Your Wood-Burning Furnace

Rhodri Evans |


As winter's chill sets in, many of us are turning to wood-burning furnaces to keep our homes cosy and warm. But are you aware of the type of wood you're using? If you're not using kiln-dried wood, you could be missing out on key benefits. Kiln-dried wood is swiftly becoming the darling of eco-conscious homeowners, and for good reason. This article will shed light on the advantages of kiln-dried wood and how its use can lead to both economic and environmental benefits.

What is Kiln-Dried Wood?

Kiln-dried wood, available in our kiln-dried wood collection, is wood that has been dried in a kiln, a type of large oven. The process involves heating the wood to a specific temperature for a defined period, usually between 48 to 72 hours. This meticulous process remarkably reduces the moisture content to around 20% or less, making it an excellent choice for fuel.

The benefits of this process are multifaceted. Reduced moisture content translates to increased energy efficiency, as the energy in your furnace will focus on burning the wood itself rather than the excess water. Moreover, it also minimises the potential for mould and insect infestation, ensuring wood of superior quality.

Higher Energy Efficiency

One of the key benefits of kiln-dried wood is its contribution to high energy efficiency. The low moisture content ensures a more efficient combustion process, leading to higher heat output. Moreover, it also reduces smoke emissions, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment both inside and outside your home.

Reduced Creosote Buildup

Creosote is a by-product of wood combustion that often accumulates along the walls of your chimney. This sticky substance not only decreases your furnace's efficiency but can also lead to dangerous chimney fires if not regularly cleaned. The good news? Kiln-dried wood considerably reduces creosote buildup, making your furnace safer and more effective. Just remember, regardless of your choice of wood, regular chimney maintenance is still of paramount importance.

Longer Burning Time

Another advantage of kiln-dried wood is its longer burning time. Compared to green or wet wood, kiln-dried wood burns longer and steadier because of its lower moisture content. The energy in your furnace won't be wasted on evaporating excess water, leading to a longer, steadier, and warmer burn. In the long run, this could translate to significant cost savings.

Cleaner Indoor Air Quality

The use of kiln-dried wood has a positive impact on indoor air quality as well. Lower moisture content means less smoke and harmful particulate matter produced during combustion, leading to cleaner air inside your home. Remember, proper ventilation is crucial in any wood-burning environment to ensure a healthy indoor atmosphere.

Consistent Heat Output

Consistency is key when it comes to heating your home, and kiln-dried wood delivers on this front. Its uniform moisture content ensures a consistent heat output, creating a comfortable indoor environment during those cold winter months. No more hot and cold spots, just an evenly heated, cosy home.

Reduced Maintenance and Repairs

Lower moisture content in kiln-dried wood means less corrosion and damage to furnace components. This can save you from frequent furnace repairs and maintenance costs, making kiln-dried wood a financially savvy choice.

Environmental Benefits

Kiln-dried wood is not just kind to your pocket, but also to Mother Earth. Kiln drying wood is part of sustainable forestry practices, ensuring that we make the most out of each log. Moreover, wood-burning furnaces using kiln-dried wood emit less carbon compared to fossil fuel-based heating systems, reducing our environmental footprint.

Considerations for Choosing Kiln-Dried Wood

When choosing kiln-dried wood for your furnace, always purchase from reputable suppliers to ensure the quality of your wood. Proper storage and handling are also crucial to maintain its quality. Keep it in a dry, ventilated area, away from direct contact with the ground or walls.


Using kiln-dried wood for your wood-burning furnace can bring numerous benefits, from higher energy efficiency to reduced maintenance costs, not to mention, its environmental benefits. So, next time you top up your wood supply, consider choosing kiln-dried wood – a sustainable and cost-effective fuel option for your wood-burning furnace. After all, who doesn't enjoy a warm, cosy, and eco-friendly home?