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Lumpwood Charcoal

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Experience the Superiority of Lumpwood Charcoal for Authentic Grilling

Lumpwood charcoal offers the ultimate fuel for authentic barbecuing and grilling. Comprised of pure wood with no fillers or binders, lumpwood delivers superior heat and an unmistakable natural smoky flavor. Discover why barbecue enthusiasts nationwide prefer lumpwood charcoal for an elevated grilling experience.

What is Lumpwood Charcoal?

Lumpwood charcoal consists of irregularly shaped chunks of charcoal made from burning whole pieces of hardwood.

Unlike briquettes which are uniform in size and shape, lumpwood charcoal retains the original shape of the wood it came from. This results in an organic, irregular form with pieces of varying dimensions.

The most common woods used are oak, hickory, maple and mesquite. These hardwoods impart different flavors lending depth and complexity to grilled foods.

Benefits of Using Lumpwood Charcoal

Lump charcoal offers several advantages over briquettes:

  • Purity - Lumpwood contains no fillers, binders or chemical additives. It is pure wood carbonized through burning which allows the natural flavors to shine.

  • Better burn - Lumpwood lights faster and burns hotter than briquettes. It reaches grilling temperatures quickly for searing while also burning steadily at lower temperatures for slower cooks.

  • Natural flavors - The wood source adds subtle flavor nuances from smoky to sweet. Different types of lumpwood impart their own character.

  • Lower ash - With no fillers, lumpwood produces less ash waste after grilling. Briquettes contain starches and binders that increase residual ash.

  • Environmentally-friendly - Lumpwood is a natural product manufactured with little processing and no chemicals. It's better for the environment than briquettes.

With its purity, performance and flavor advantages, it's easy to see why lump charcoal is a favorite fuel of grilling and smoking enthusiasts.

Discover Superior Gower Lumpwood Charcoal

Ethically Sourced from the Forests of South Wales

Gower Charcoal offers lumpwood charcoal ethically sourced from renewable forests in South Wales. Produced by Hillside Woodfuels at their manufacturing facility in Swansea, Gower Charcoal contains 100% natural hardwood with no fillers, binders or chemicals added.

The lumpwood comes directly from locally sourced ash, oak and birch trees. The wood is sustainably harvested by experienced local loggers. This ensures high quality charcoal while protecting the verdant Welsh forests for future generations.

Hillside Woodfuels adheres to eco-friendly practices throughout the manufacturing process. The lumpwood is carbonized in special ovens designed for efficiency. This results in minimal emissions and waste products.

By choosing Gower Lumpwood Charcoal, you support sustainable forestry and green production methods. Your purchase helps protect Welsh forests while promoting responsible local manufacturing.

Characteristic Variability of Natural Lumpwood

Unlike uniform briquettes, Gower Lumpwood embraces the irregular, diverse shapes inherent in natural charcoal. Expect an assortment of hand-sized and larger pieces in varied shapes and sizes.

This adds excitement and uniqueness to your grilling experience. The inconsistent sizes and shapes provide diverse burning rates. Some pieces ignite immediately while others smolder slowly to produce even, sustained heat.

The character of each piece echoes the wood's origins. You'll find knots, cracks and whorls reflecting the organic material used to produce this lump charcoal. Every bag promises new surprises that enhance the ritual of grilling.

The Superior Burn of Lumpwood Charcoal

Swift, Efficient Ignition

With lump charcoal, you don't have to wait long until you can start grilling. Gower Lumpwood lights quickly and easily with standard fire starters. There's no need for special equipment or excessive amounts of lighter fluid.

Several pieces soon form a ready bed of hot coals perfect for grilling. The lumpwood delivers temperatures over 700°F to sear foods while also burning longer at lower heat for slower barbecue cooking.

Powerful and Controllable Heat Output

Gower Lumpwood provides excellent heat output, reaching and maintaining temperatures hot enough to create the perfect sear. The larger pieces can burn over 1,000°F.

The variable sizes allow easy heat control. Move smaller pieces to hot spots to increase temperatures while using larger lumps for more uniform heat over the entire grill. Great for both direct, high-heat grilling and indirect cooking requiring lower, sustained warmth.

Long Lasting Burn Times

A key benefit of lump charcoal is longevity. Once lit, Gower Lumpwood keeps going and going like the energizer bunny. It holds heat beautifully for hours, perfect for low and slow barbecue.

Forget having to replenish charcoal mid-cook. A single load of lumpwood can provide up to 6 hours of sustained heat. You can focus on enjoying time with friends and family rather than constantly tending the grill.

Unmatched Authentic Wood-Fired Flavor

The pure wood composition of Gower Lumpwood delivers incredibly rich, smoky flavor unmatched by briquettes. You'll notice the difference from the very first bite.

The locally sourced Welsh hardwoods - oak, ash and birch - contribute their own distinct flavor profiles. Oak offers a mellow, rounded smoke while ash has bright sweetness. Birch lends delicate sweetness with mild smoky notes.

With no additives, the real wood flavor comes through beautifully. Food takes on nuanced aromas ranging from earthy tones to fruity sweetness depending on the fuel used. It's pure wood fire cooking infusing everything with quintessential barbecue flavor.

Guide to Flavor Profiles of Various Lumpwoods

While all lumpwood charcoal provides delicious flavor, the exact type of wood makes a differences. Here's a guide to the flavor imparted by various species:

  • Oak - This classic grilling wood offers balanced mild smokiness with hints of vanilla. Adds subtle woodsy flavor.

  • Hickory - Bold, robust smoky notes a bit stronger than oak. Ideal for bolder meats like beef.

  • Maple - Imparts a delicate sweetness and milder smoke flavor. Superb with poultry and vegetables.

  • Apple - Fruity with distinct sweetness rounding out the wood smoke notes. Fantastic for pork or game.

  • Mesquite - Strong, intense smoke with an earthy edge. Perfect for very hearty meats like brisket.

Experiment to find your favorite varieties and combinations. The pure wood flavors will take your grilling to the next level.

Grilling and Barbecue Perfection with Lumpwood

Superior Steaks, Burgers and More

Lump charcoal really shines for high-heat grilling where you want sizzling temps to sear in juices while imparting a smoky char.

The large pieces of lumpwood can exceed 1,000°F - hot enough to brand the perfect grill marks on steaks. You get picture perfect diamond sear marks with chef-grade doneness inside.

Burgers also benefit from lumpwood's intense heat. Caramelized crunchy outer crust paired with moist, juicy interior is easy to achieve.

And the natural wood flavor imparted by the lumpwood pairs so well with savory meats. You don't need heavy rubs or sauces to achieve maximum flavor. The smoke speaks for itself.

Ideal for Low'n Slow Barbecue

While lump charcoal excels at high heat, it also offers a slow burn ideal for low and slow barbecue. Once lit, it provides hours of steady warmth perfect for pulled pork, brisket and other tougher cuts needing tender loving care.

The larger lumps sustain temperatures between 225-275°F for as long as 8 hours on a single load. No need to constantly replenish charcoal every hour. Set it and relax until the meat reaches smoky perfection.

This slow cooking allows the flavor of the wood to permeate the meat completely. The smoke essence really shines, lending incredible depth without overpowering. Fruit woods like apple and cherry work great to gently infuse pork and poultry.

Unbeatable Wood-Fired Flavor for Fish and Veggies

Lumpwood charcoal isn't just for meat. The clean burning wood fire adds amazing flavor when cooking vegetables, fish and more delicate ingredients too.

Fruity woods like apple and maple add lovely sweetness and just a kiss of smoke. Enhance the natural sugars and caramelization of veggies like onions, peppers, sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts.

The subtle smoke is fantastic with salmon, shrimp and other seafood. It complements rather than overwhelms the fresh catch.

Take your entire grilling game up a level with the dynamic range of flavor lump charcoal offers.

Buying Guide: What to Look For When Choosing Lumpwood Charcoal

With so many options on the market, it helps to know what to look for when choosing the best lumpwood charcoal. Use this buying guide for picking the ideal lumpwood for your grilling needs.

Source of Wood

The type of wood used to make lump charcoal impacts flavor and burn qualities. American hardwoods like hickory, maple and mesquite are top choices.

Opt for sustainably harvested wood to ensure environmental-friendliness. Domestically sourced lumpwood is fresher and better burning than imported alternatives.

Look for product details listing the wood species used. Single varieties are great for highlighting specific flavor profiles. Blends combine woods for more complex character.

Size of Pieces

Lumpwood charcoal contains a mix of different sized chunks. Larger pieces provide more prolonged heat while smaller bits light fast.

Look for a blend of hand sized pieces along with larger chunks. Avoid bags with excessive small bits and powder which burn out quickly.

Size diversity allows maximum control over your grill's temperature. Place larger lumps on the periphery and small ones over hot spots.

Low Sparks

Excess sparking and cracking isn't ideal when grilling. It can make regulating heat tricky and allow ash to coat your food.

Seek lumpwood with minimal sparks so you can enjoy uninterrupted, controlled grilling time after lighting.

Percent Wood Composition

Opt for lumpwood comprised of nearly 100% wood to ensure purity and performance. Some inferior brands contain fillers, binders and coal increasing ash and hindering burn quality.

High wood content also maximizes the natural flavor since there are no additives. Check that the lumpwood contains just wood carbonized into charcoal.

Minimal Ash and Debris

Quality lumpwood produces relatively little ash compared to briquettes which contain starches and binders.

Ash buildup can be messy and hinder airflow in the grill. Excess debris also risks sticking to your food which is unappetizing.

Purchase lumpwood generating minimal ash and debris. This simplifies cleanup while maximizing airflow for better performance.

Usage Tips: Mastering Lumpwood Charcoal

Follow these pro tips when using lumpwood charcoal for incredible grilling and smoking:

Start With a Chimney Starter

Lighting lumpwood is easiest when using a charcoal chimney starter. Load it up, ignite with newspaper below, and it will be ready to pour out and grill in 15-20 minutes.

Never douse lumpwood in lighter fluid which can impart chemical flavors. Chimney lighting encourages clean ignition.

Arrange Your Coals

When pouring out the lit charcoal, arrange in a checkerboard pattern leaving gaps between the lumps. This allows proper airflow for maximum burn.

Pile more coals under areas where you will be grilling directly over high heat. Spread them out elsewhere for indirect cooking zones.

Let the Grill Come to Temperature

Give the charcoal 10-15 minutes after loading your grill to fully stabilize temperatures.

The grill thermometer reading may swing wildly at first but will even out once the lumpwood is fully lit and settled.

Don't rush grilling before the grill is fully preheated for best results.

Try the Two Zone Fire Approach

Arranging the coals into distinct zones enables versatility. Pile most of the lit lumpwood on one side to create a high heat zone for searing. Leave the other only lightly covered for lower indirect heat ideal for smoking.

Move food between the zones to first sear then finish cooking gently without burning. This level of control is tougher with briquettes.

Add Unlit Lumpwood for Long Cooks

For low and slow smoking or barbecue, supplement the lit charcoal with unlit pieces. This provides fuel to keep heat steady for hours longer than just the initial load.

Mix the unlit lumpwood around the edges of the lit coals so they ignite slowly over time, prolonging the burn.

Use Wood Chunks for Extra Flavor

Tossing small hardwood chunks directly onto the hot lumpwood coals is a fast way to add more smoke.

Soaked wood smolders, releasingbillowing flavorful smoke. Try different woods like hickory, apple, cherry or mesquite to suit different foods.

Let the Fire Burn Out Completely

After grilling, allow the lumpwood to fully extinguish before attempting to clean out ashes. This prevents any stray embers from flaring up again.

Closing the grill's vents cuts off oxygen, allowing the coals to completely burn out. Then brush debris from the grate when ashes are cold.

Where to Buy Superior Lumpwood Charcoal

For exceptional quality lump charcoal that burns hot and imparts incredible flavor, choose Gower Lumpwood Charcoal from Hillside Woodfuels.

Gower utilizes sustainably harvested lumpwood with different hardwood varieties to suit all grilling needs:

  • Oak Lumpwood - Mild, balanced flavor perfect as an all-purpose grilling fuel.

  • Birch Lumpwood - Delicate hints of sweetness ideal for fish and veggies.

  • Ash Lumpwood - Bright tones lending complexity to poultry and pork.

Gower Lumpwood is available in 2kg, 5kg and 10kg sizes to suit small and large grilling needs.

Purchase Online for Delivery Across the UK

Gower Lumpwood Charcoal can be purchased online via the Hillside Woodfuels website for delivery across the United Kingdom.

Take advantage of free shipping on select orders. New customers enjoy 5% off their first order when subscribing to the Hillside Woodfuels newsletter.

Find Gower Lumpwood at Local Stockists

In addition to online sales, Gower Lumpwood Charcoal is stocked at various independent garden centers, hardware stores and other retailers across Wales and beyond.

Check the Hillside Woodfuels website for a list of local stockists in your area where you can pick up lumpwood bags in person.

Discover why grilling aficionados nationwide choose Gower Lumpwood Charcoal for authentic wood-fired flavor and superior performance. The all natural lumpwood delivers unmatched purity, burn efficiency and taste. Elevate your next cookout with the best charcoal on the market.