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Swedish Torch

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Swedish Torch - Kiln Dried Premium Ash Wood Log with Low Moisture for Long Burning & High Heat Output, Ideal for Outdoor Fires & BBQs

Experience the magic of a perfect fire with our Swedish Torch. Crafted from premium ash wood and kiln-dried to perfection, this log guarantees low moisture content, resulting in a long-lasting, high heat output fire. This Scandinavian innovation will transform your outdoor gatherings, BBQs, or camping trips, offering an enchanting flame that not only provides warmth but also sets a wonderful ambiance.

Our Swedish Torch is a synonym for quality and performance. The meticulous kiln-drying process we use ensures the wood is perfectly cured, retaining its natural characteristics while eliminating excess moisture. With a moisture level drastically reduced, the log burns for longer, giving off a high heat output that is perfect for all your outdoor activities. The high quality of ash wood used further ensures robust flames that are consistent and visually delightful.

The Swedish Torch is easy to light, convenient to use, and leaves behind minimal residue, ensuring an effortless clean-up post use. Its long-burning capacity makes it ideal for outdoor activities, from warming up your patio during winter evenings to acting as a heat source for your BBQ. Experience the charm of a traditional fire, coupled with superior quality and efficiency, through our Swedish Torch.

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