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is ash good firewood

Is Ash the Best Firewood for Your Home? Learn About Its Burning Qualities

Raymond Davies

Ever wondered what firewood gives off lots of heat but little smoke and needs few cares? Ash wood is your answer. It shines as a leading choice for fuel in fireplaces. With a heat output of 24.2 BTU per cord, ash wood is often suggested for log burners and wood-burning stoves. Ash wood stands out for its consistent flame and clean burning. It produces hardly any smoke or sparks. This wood suits those looking for effective and safe heating in the winter. Kiln-dried ash has even lower moisture, giving more heat in a green way. Using ash from sustainably managed U.K. forests, like those from Cozilogs, means you're also being eco-conscious.

Key Takeaways

  • Ash wood produces a high heat output of 24.2 BTU per cord.
  • Low smoke and spark production enhances safety and efficiency.
  • Sourced from sustainable U.K. forests for an eco-friendly option.
  • Ideal for wood stoves and log burners due to its steady flame.
  • Kiln-dried variations offer even lower moisture content and cleaner burns.

Introduction to Ash Wood

Ash wood has long been appreciated for its awesome burning qualities. It suits the needs of many households in the United Kingdom. Ash wood creates good heat and a steady flame, making it a top pick among firewood. It has low water content naturally, which is great for those asking if ash is good for their hearths. Kiln-dried ash wood works best, though green ash can also be used. Different types like White Ash, American White Ash, European Ash, and Blue Ash exist. Each type provides consistent and great burning qualities. This makes ash wood a top-notch choice for firewood. In terms of sustainable wood sources, ash wood stands out thanks to efforts by groups like Hillside Woodfuels. They we push for harvesting that doesn't harm the environment. These methods help ash trees, which can live up to 350 years, to keep growing. This ensures wood for the future, balancing quality and sustainability. Now, let's look at why ash wood is so well-regarded:


Wood Type Characteristic Benefit
Beech Wood Hot, clean fire Long-term heating
Birch Wood Excellent for kindling Burns well with good heat
Hornbeam Wood Long-burning Efficient heating
Oak Wood High density Long burn time
Sycamore Wood Smokier burn Sustainable, grows rapidly in the UK
Fir Wood Easy to split Significant heat production
Larch Wood High calorific content Efficient burning
Yew Wood Dense with pleasant scent Slow burn with good heat
Ash Wood Low moisture, highly sought after Good heat, steady flame


Using kiln-dried ash wood in your fireplace is great for heating and the environment. Ash wood's excellent qualities, alongside sustainable sources, make it perfect. It's for those wanting reliable, efficient, and green firewood.

Burning Qualities of Ash Wood

Ash wood is a top choice for firewood due to its impressive burning qualities. It's loved by experts and beginners alike. These qualities highlight why it's so functional.

Heat Output

High heat output is a key trait of ash wood. It has a BTU rating of 24.2 per cord, beating many kinds of firewood. This means it provides excellent heat for homes. Birch and alder have lower BTU values, at 2992 and 2710 respectively, but this can vary with their age and condition.

Burn Time

Ash wood is known for its long burn time because it's dense and tough. It burns steadily over time, keeping you warm for longer. Its ability to form coals means its warmth lasts, cutting down on the need to add more wood.

Smoke and Spark Production

Ash wood is great because it creates low smoke. This makes it ideal for use inside, as it keeps fireplaces clean. Also, as a low spark wood, it's safer for open fires. This also means less creosote, making chimney maintenance easier. Seasoning or kiln-drying improves these qualities for cleaner burning.

Seasoning and Kiln-Dried Ash Wood

There are two main ways to prepare ash firewood: seasoning and kiln-drying. Each method has its unique benefits. They make sure the wood burns well and safely. Knowing about these can make your fires better.

Seasoning Process

The seasoning method lets ash wood dry naturally for 12 to 24 months. This time lets the wood's moisture evaporate slowly. Seasoned firewood burns well because it's drier. However, its moisture levels can change due to the British weather. Though it's often cheaper, its moisture can be uneven.

Kiln-Dried Benefits

For kiln-dried ash, a kiln speedily dries the logs. This lowers the moisture under 20%, meeting the 'Ready to Burn' standard. It burns cleanly and hotly, making it efficient and eco-friendly.
  • Kiln-dried wood gives strong heat with less wood used.
  • It makes little smoke and ash, good for any fire.
  • Its low moisture stops stove glass from blackening over time.
  • Though pricier, its performance and efficiency are worth it.
The table below shows the differences between the two firewood types. It helps you see what each offers.
Property Seasoned Firewood Kiln-Dried Firewood
Moisture Content Variable, typically 20-30% Below 20%, often as low as 9%
Drying Time 12-24 months Several days in a kiln
Heat Efficiency Moderate High
Smoke Production Moderate Low
Spark Production Moderate Low
Cost Lower Higher
Choosing between seasoned and kiln-dried firewood depends on your needs and what you value. Each type offers great performance if prepared right.

Is Ash Good Firewood?

Ash wood is a top choice for firewood. It gives off a lot of heat and burns for a long time. This makes it great for heating your home or for cooking outdoors. While it can be used a bit earlier, ash wood is best when it's fully dried out. Seasoned ash wood lasts longer than softer woods like pine and fir. Even though it costs more, its long burn time makes it worth it. Ash wood smells nice when it burns. This makes it perfect for BBQs and smokers. The food tastes great because of it. Seasoned hardwoods like ash keep the heat going for ages without needing more wood. Plus, they don't harm your chimney like wet wood does. It's best to use wood that's kiln-dried for the cleanest burn. Choosing ash wood means you're helping the planet. Companies like Hillside Woodfuels provide wood that's cut down responsibly and all in all, ash wood is fantastic for many reasons. It's top-notch for heating and cooking and is kind to the environment. If you dry it well, especially in a kiln, you'll get the best heat. For more choices, take a look at other woods to find what you need.