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Is Kiln Dried Firewood Better?

Is Kiln Dried Firewood Better?

Jonathan Hill |

A common question that arises in the UK forestry industry is, "Is kiln dried firewood better?" The answer is unequivocally, yes. Kiln dried firewood is superior to traditional firewood in various aspects, including burn efficiency, energy output, longevity, and environmental impact. This article will delve into these benefits in detail, providing a comprehensive understanding of why kiln dried firewood is the best choice for your needs.

Burn Efficiency

Firstly, kiln-dried firewood burns more efficiently than other types of firewood. Kiln drying ensures a low moisture content, usually less than 20%, which significantly improves the burning efficiency. This low moisture level allows the wood to burn hotter and longer, providing more heat per log compared to green or air-dried firewood.

Energy Output

Secondly, the energy output of kiln dried wood is substantially higher. As this post explains, a kiln-dried log can generate more heat due to its low water content. In contrast, a log with a higher water content uses up a significant portion of its energy merely evaporating the water. Consequently, kiln dried logs provide more warmth, making them perfect for UK winters.


Furthermore, kiln dried firewood has a longer shelf life. This type of wood has been dried in a controlled environment, eliminating the risk of mould growth and insect infestation. Consequently, the outdoor lifespan of kiln-dried wood is superior. It's also worth noting that kiln dried firewood can withstand moisture better than other types. Even if it gets wet, the drying process it underwent ensures that it quickly regains its optimal burning conditions.

Environmental Impact

Finally, there's the environmental advantage. Burning kiln-dried wood produces little to no smoke, therefore reducing environmental impact. Moreover, the kilns used for drying are increasingly powered by renewable energy sources, contributing to a more sustainable forestry industry.


While kiln dried firewood may be more expensive than other types, its benefits far outweigh the cost. Its superior burn efficiency, high energy output, longevity, and reduced environmental impact make it an excellent choice. Opportunities to buy logs in bulk can also help offset the costs, providing value for money in the long run. Therefore, when considering whether kiln dried firewood is better, it is not just a question of immediate cost but rather long-term value and contribution to sustainability.

In conclusion, kiln dried firewood is indeed a better choice, not just for your immediate heating needs but also for the longevity of your firewood supply and the health of our environment.