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grilled desserts

Sizzling Grilled Desserts: Elevate Your Summer BBQ with Sweet, Smoky Flavors

Lilly Gower |

As the sun sets and the embers glow, a magic fills the British summer evening. The scent of restaurant grade charcoal mixes with laughter from friends in the garden. This is when we enjoy grilled desserts—sizzling treats that make summer memorable. Grilling fruits and sweets to perfection requires good charcoal, patience, and creativity. Imagine peaches with a lovely char or sticky brownies melting on your fork. These desserts turn an outdoor meal into an unforgettable event.

While glasses clink and leaves rustle, take a look at the grill. Here, pineapple slices caramelise to perfection, indicating another dessert success. Using restaurant-grade charcoal adds a smoky touch, turning simple fruit into a spectacle. The joy of serving these grilled delights is seen in your guests' happy faces. Summer fun isn't complete without these warm, delicious desserts. They prove summer is for sharing warmth and enjoyment.

Key Takeaways

  • Restaurant grade charcoal brings better heat and longer burn time for grilling.
  • Grilled desserts offer a unique atmosphere with their smoky flavours.
  • Quality charcoal means even heat and predictable results for your sweets.
  • Its dense carbon lets you reuse charcoal, making it cost-effective for grill lovers.
  • Summer BBQs shine when grilled desserts, enhanced by quality charcoal, are served.

The Art of Grilled Desserts: A Summertime Delight

The beauty of art of grilled desserts lies in combining heat, sweetness, and smoke. This creates a true summertime delight. By using the warmth of the season, the humble barbecue becomes a canvas for desserts. They turn into key treats that complete a great summertime meal.

Grilled desserts get a unique taste from grilling. It allows natural sugars to caramelize and fruits to soften. This releases a heavenly smell that captures the essence of summer. When chocolate meets the grill's heat, it turns into flowing joy. This pairs perfectly with different fruits and pastries.

To make your grilled desserts perfect, choosing the right charcoal is crucial. For quality and the environment, hardwood lumpwood charcoal from renewable forests is best. It gives superior heat, lasts longer, and adds a smoky taste without harming the planet. Here are the best charcoal types for your grilling:

Product Price Range Type Sustainability Benefits
Total Available Products 6
  • Lump Charcoal: 1 product
  • Lumpwood Charcoal: 5 products
Charcoal from sustainable hardwood forests
  • High heat output
  • Long burn time
  • Enhanced smoky flavour
  • Eco-friendly choice
Price Range £8.08 - £24.49 Reflects 2kg to 6kg bag options

The best hardwood charcoal improves taste and meets high standards. It's part of the summertime delight and art of grilled desserts. It's about knowing flavours and caring for the environment. So, when you use your barbecue, remember the charcoal is as important as the ingredients.

Mastering the art of grilled desserts is not just about starting a fire. It's about sparking your creativity. Whether grilling fruits or charring marshmallows, every part of grilling makes it a true summertime delight.

Essential Tips for Grilling Sweets on the Barbecue

Grilling sweets needs more skill than usual barbecue meals. Start this tasty journey with handy tips for perfect grilled treats every time.

Prepping Fruits for the Grill

Getting fruits ready to grill is crucial. Pick fruits that are just right – ripe but still firm. This way, they'll keep their shape while cooking. Make sure to cut them evenly to cook properly. Marinating them can add delicious flavours and prevent them from drying out.

  • Cut fruits into even pieces
  • Use a marinade for extra flavour and moisture
  • Choose fruits that hold up well to heat

Choosing the Right Grilling Equipment

Choosing the right tools is key for grilled desserts. Use a barbecue that lets you control the temperature and has plenty of space. For small items or delicate desserts, use grilling mats or foil to keep them together.

  1. Grill with adjustable heat settings
  2. Consider using grilling mats or foil
  3. Opt for a barbecue with a large surface area

Managing the Perfect Grill Temperature

Getting the right temperature is crucial for dessert grilling. Too hot, and they burn. Too cold, and they're undercooked. Aim for a medium-high heat to start, then adjust as needed. Use a thermometer to keep an eye on the temperature and get perfect results.

Fruit Type Pre-Grill Prep Grilling Temperature Cooking Time
Peaches Halve and pit, brush with oil Medium-high 4-6 minutes
Pineapple Peel, core, and slice Medium 2-3 minutes per side
Bananas Slice lengthwise, keep skin on Medium 5 minutes

With these tips, grilling sweets can make your outdoor meals amazing. Use these tricks to make your grilled desserts the highlight.

Decadent Chocolate-based Grilled Desserts

Wrap yourself in the ultimate chocolate journey with these desserts. They bring a luxurious twist to summer treats. The mix of melted chocolate and grilled fruits creates a memorable taste. These dishes will shine at any garden party or camping trip.

Grilled Berry Chocolate Burritos

The Grilled Berry Chocolate Burritos mix tart berries and smooth chocolate in a crispy tortilla. They are perfect for outdoor meals, adding warmth and fun to your desserts.

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries with a Grilled Twist

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries get a smoky upgrade from the grill. Smoky grilled strawberries are dipped in silky chocolate. This creates a balance of sweet and smoky.

Ultimate Smore's Dip Extravaganza

Enjoy a twist on classic smores with the Ultimate Smore's Dip Extravaganza. It's a skillet of melted chocolate, toasted to perfection. It’s the ideal finish to any outdoor event.

These grilled desserts redefine chocolate luxury with the rustic grill charm. Follow the simple steps below for these enchanting treats. They're sure to impress your guests and delight your taste buds.

Grilled Dessert Main Ingredients Preparation Time Cooking Time
Berry Chocolate Burritos Berries, Chocolate Chips, Tortillas 15 mins 5-8 mins
Grilled Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries Strawberries, Melted Chocolate 10 mins 2-3 mins
Ultimate Smore's Dip Marshmallows, Chocolate Chips, Graham Crackers 5 mins 10 mins

Let these chocolate-based desserts be your summer highlight. They offer a blend of textures and tastes. From charred tortillas to the melt of chocolate, they're sure to please any sweet tooth. Let chocolate be the star of your summer parties.

Grilled Fruit Inspirations: From Pineapple to Bananas

Grilled fruits like pineapple and bananas bring summer into every bite. They're easy to make and full of flavor. When grilled, their natural sugars caramelize. This creates a mix of smokiness and sweetness. It's like adding a tropical touch with pineapple or a comforting taste with bananas. Grilled fruits make any outdoor meal better.

Adding barbecue spice rubs elevates your grilled fruits. These spices add depth and complexity to every bite, making your grilled fruit dishes stand out.

Here's a table showcasing a selection of spice rubs that can be paired with your grilled fruits:

Spice Rub Flavor Profile Price Status
Punjabi Tandoor Masala Rich and smoky £6.95 In Stock
Goan Chaat Masala Tangy and zesty £12.95 In Stock
Thailand Street Food Blend Sweet and spicy £9.95 Out of Stock

Grilling fans can find the perfect spice rub for their grilled fruits. Pineapple and bananas work well with these spice rubs. With prices from £6.95 to £60.95, there's something for every budget. All 24 blends are available, keeping customers updated on what's in stock.

  • For a zesty grilled pineapple, try Goan Chaat Masala.
  • Punjabi Tandoor Masala adds a smoky flavor to grilled bananas.
  • The Thailand Street Food Blend gives grilled fruits a unique Asian taste.

Seasoning your grilled fruits with these spice rubs makes a simple dessert gourmet. Enjoy the barbecue's smokiness with the sweetness of pineapple and bananas. It's a perfect way to dine under the summer sky.

Capturing the Essence of British Summer with Eton Mess and Pavlova

As British summertime unfolds, we see the beauty of British summer desserts. Eton Mess and Pavlova are true stars of the season. They bring the light, refreshing flavours we all love in the warm days. These desserts are more than just treats. They capture the essence of summer’s bounty.

Try adding a smoky twist to these classic desserts. With restaurant-grade charcoal, you can take them to new levels. The intense heat from this charcoal is great for searing fruits. This adds amazing depth to the flavours of both Eton Mess and Pavlova.

Eton Mess Ice Cream for a Nostalgic Touch

Eton Mess Ice Cream combines tradition with innovation. It mixes creamy ice cream with strawberries, meringue, and whipped cream. Grilling the strawberries over sustainable wood charcoal makes them even sweeter. It adds a special smoky flavour that’s unique.

Pavlova: A Meringue-Based Grilled Masterpiece

Grilling transforms the Pavlova into something amazing. The right temperature is key for the perfect meringue. Restaurant-grade charcoal helps achieve this with its efficient burn. This charcoal gives meringues a slight char while keeping them soft inside. It’s perfect when topped with grilled fruits and cream.

Feature Benefit
Hotter burn of restaurant-grade charcoal Perfect caramelization of fruits for desserts
Sustainability of charcoal source Eco-friendly grilling aligning with summer values
Extended burning time More cost-effective grilling sessions
Smoke emission Cleaner and more enjoyable grilling experience
Impact of wood flavour Adds gourmet depth to desserts

Whether you love the simplicity of Eton Mess or the rich layers of Pavlova, grilling adds an exciting flavour. With the right charcoal and techniques, these desserts do more than just taste good. They become a sensory journey into British summer, full of smoky, sweet delights.

The Unbeatable Pair: Grilled Desserts and Summer Salads

As the embers glow and the garden buzzes, a perfect pair emerges. Grilled desserts and summer salads define outdoor dining. They blend the smoky sweetness of fruit with fresh, crisp greens. It's a match that makes you want to stay outside, enjoying every bite.

Let's look at why people love grilling. A strong 68% prefer charcoal grills for that smoky flavour. It turns simple meals into something special. Meanwhile, 45% like mixing direct and indirect heat. This shows a love for experimenting with how they cook, making both desserts and salads exciting.

Quality tools are key, say 82% of grillers. These tools help move food from grill to plate easily. The deep flavours in summer fruits come from using wood chips. About 73% of grillers use this trick.

What about the grills themselves? 95% are made from durable materials like stainless steel. They're built to last and meet top safety standards. This means more safe, enjoyable grilling for everyone.

Before the cooking starts, 90% of grill experts stress warming up the grill. This prep work makes sure desserts and salads are perfect. And 60% prefer direct heat for quick cooking, matching the freshness of summer salads.

Grilled sweets and salads should balance each other. Imagine a caramelised peach or pineapple with a light, tangy salad. Half of grillers split between gas and charcoal. Each has its own benefits, just like choosing dressing for a salad.

grilled desserts and summer salads

So, light up your grill and think of this. Grilled desserts and summer salads create more than a meal. They make a memorable experience. Here, flavours mix perfectly, showing off the care and skill behind each dish.

  1. Taste the charred edges of grilled fig with arugula and goat cheese.
  2. Try grilled watermelon with feta and mint for something fresh.
  3. Enjoy grilled stone fruits with green salad for a sweet and crisp mix.

The stage is ready, and the scents invite you to a special meal outdoors. With a fork and glass in hand, we celebrate. grilled desserts and summer salads shine as the high points of summer eating.

Refreshing No-Bake Options for a Cool Treat

The summer sun calls for refreshing no-bake desserts. These quick, easy recipes are perfect for beating the heat. They are delicious and do not need an oven.

No-Cook Cookies and Cream Fridge Cake

The No-Cook Cookies and Cream Fridge Cake is hard to resist. It's easy to make and perfect for a hot day. With chocolate biscuits, whipped cream, and chocolate ganache, it's a cool, delicious treat.

Choosing the right charcoal can make or break a dish, just like the ingredients in a no-bake dessert. Chefs prefer high carbon charcoal for a clean burn, much like dessert fans love using top-quality chocolate and cream.

Stress-Free Creamy Cheesecakes

Stress-Free Creamy Cheesecakes are easy and delicious. They combine creamy cheese, tangy Greek yogurt, and sweeteners beautifully. Top them with fresh fruits or sauce and enjoy a cool break from the heat.

Ingredient Role in Dessert Parallel with Charcoal Selection
Chocolate Biscuits Foundation Like choosing lump charcoal for a strong base flavour
Whipped Cream Lightness Mirroring charcoal's smoke-free quality
Fresh Fruit Topping Natural Sweetness As vital as the natural, chemical-free aspect of premium charcoal

Marrying Grilled Desserts with Perfect Drink Pairings

The love for outdoor cooking is growing. More people enjoy grilled desserts with the right drink pairings. These combinations make meals special. They bring together exciting tastes and textures. When using lumpwood charcoal, which many Pitmasters prefer, the grilled treats taste unique. This makes it important to pick drinks that balance their rich flavors.

Ideal Beverages to Complement Sizzling Sweetness

To match the smoky sweetness of desserts, you must choose drinks wisely. Looking into perfect drink choices, sparkling wines and gentle dessert wines are great picks. These drinks are light and help soften the strong, rich tastes of grilled sweets.

Perfect Drink Pairings for Grilled Desserts

Sundowner Cocktails with Grilled Fruit Garnishes

Serving cocktails with grilled fruit garnishes at sunset adds a stunning and tasty touch. The high-quality lumpwood charcoal makes fruits taste better. This enhances the cocktails.

This table shows the best drink choices for different grilled desserts. They help bring out the wonderful, natural tastes from the charcoal.

Grilled Dessert Drink Pairing Key Flavour Notes
Grilled Peaches Prosecco Fizzy zest complementing sweet caramelization
Smoky Chocolate Brownie Port Wine Rich berry undertones with a smoky edge
Charred Berry Skewers Rosé Sangria Fruity and refreshing with a hint of char
Banana Boats Rum Punch Sweet tropical punch with a toasty banana note

Pairing drinks with grilled desserts does more than end the meal; it highlights the art of grilling. With lumpwood charcoal, it's clear it's more than just fuel. It adds special flavors and aromas to the desserts. This makes finding the right drink even more important.

Enjoy the charm of grilled sweets with perfect drinks. Make your grill time unforgettable.

Grilled Desserts: Changing the Game of Summer BBQs

As the weather gets warmer, everyone's favourite summer BBQ is getting a makeover thanks to grilled desserts. These tasty treats are adding a new twist to the usual barbecue menu. They're becoming a must-have at outdoor meals. Let's explore how these delicious desserts are turning into the highlight of summer BBQs. A sweet revolution is happening in backyards across the UK.

Grilled desserts are special because they combine the smoky flavour of BBQ with the sweet tastes of traditional desserts. Adding fruits and rich ingredients like chocolate, chefs are making meals unforgettable. They're starting a new chapter in outdoor dining.

  1. Desserts that Feature Grilled Fruits
  2. Recipes Incorporating Grilled Elements
  3. Techniques & Tips for Grilling Sweets

Looking at popular dishes, it's clear grilled desserts are reshaping summer BBQs. Grilled pineapple, with its charred lines, looks amazing and tastes even better. The caramelisation process enhances its flavour wonderfully.

Dessert BBQ Method Taste Profile
Grilled Peach Halves Direct heat until caramelised Soft, sweet with a smoky finish
Chocolate and Marshmallow Bananas Wrapped in foil, nestled in coals Melted, gooey centre with a creamy banana base
Grilled Pound Cake and Berries Grill cake till toasted, top with berries Crispy, buttery cake with fresh, juicy berries

Grilled desserts are changing how we eat and enjoy food at summer BBQs. Cooking peaches on the grill or making s'mores becomes a fun activity for everyone. It's a great way for guests to join in and have a good time.

Grilled desserts are not just a trend; they're here to stay as summer dining staples. And as the evening ends, it's not only the BBQ that's still warm. The spark of inventiveness and joy in these BBQs is alive and well.

Kid-Friendly Grilled Dessert Ideas

Grilling can turn desserts into something exciting, especially for kids. The magic of kid-friendly grilled desserts is in their simplicity. They make cooking fun for the whole family. Let's explore some easy recipes that kids will love and find delicious.

kid-friendly grilled desserts

Toasted Marshmallow Fun for All Ages

Toasting marshmallows is a hit with everyone. It's more than just a tasty snack; it's fun too. Add toppings like chocolate, sprinkles, or peanut butter. This lets kids mix flavours and textures however they like.

Sweet Skewers with Salted Caramel Drizzle

Sweet skewers look and taste wonderful. Grilled fruit chunks become even better with some char. These kid-friendly grilled desserts are fun to make. Topping them with salted caramel makes them irresistible. Adding nuts or coconut gives a crunchy texture.

Ingredient Marshmallow Skewers Fruit Skewers
Main Marshmallows Assorted fruits (e.g. strawberries, grapes, bananas)
Toppings Chocolate chips, sprinkles Salted caramel sauce, crushed biscuits
Preparation Grill until golden Grill until lightly charred
Cooking Time 1-2 minutes per side 2-3 minutes per side
Serving Suggestion With melted chocolate dip Drizzled with salted caramel

Grilled desserts are more than a sweet treat. They spark creativity in the kitchen. These kid-friendly grilled desserts make mealtimes memorable. They bring fun to family gatherings. So fire up the grill and enjoy making these treats together.


As summer ends, grilled desserts stand out as an unforgettable treat. They mix the fun of barbecues with the luxury of sweet dishes. Think of sizzling fruit and gooey chocolate that have won over many in the UK.

Grilling sweets is more than just a summer fad. It's a journey of taste and texture that creates lasting memories. There's something for everyone, from experts to beginners. Imagine the joy of grilled pineapple or a warm chocolate burrito.

Grilled desserts show off summer's creative spirit. They're perfect for big parties or quiet nights under the stars. These treats will make your summer gatherings unforgettable. Let your next barbecue shine with these delicious creations.


Are grilled desserts only suitable for summer BBQs?

Grilled desserts are not just for summer BBQs. They're great any time of the year. The smoky flavor and caramelization make outdoor gatherings extra special.

What fruits are best for grilling?

Choose fruits that are ripe but firm, like pineapple, peaches, and bananas. They keep their shape and get a yummy caramelized taste on the grill.

Do I need special grilling equipment for desserts?

Special equipment isn't needed, but a grill with adjustable heat helps. Using mats or foil can stop fruits or delicate desserts from slipping through.

What is the ideal grill temperature for grilling desserts?

Start with the grill on medium-high heat. Then adjust it to find a good balance. This helps in caramelizing without burning the desserts.

Can I incorporate chocolate into grilled desserts?

Yes! Chocolate makes grilled desserts like Grilled Berry Chocolate Burritos and Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries really special. Grilled fruits with melted chocolate is a heavenly mix.

Are there any grilled dessert options for those who prefer no-bake treats?

For sure! No-bake desserts like No-Cook Cookies and Cream Fridge Cake and Stress-Free Creamy Cheesecakes are great for summer. They're easy and don't heat up the kitchen.

Can you suggest some drink pairings for grilled desserts?

The right drink can make grilled desserts even better. Try light wines, fruity mocktails, or chilled summer drinks. They go well with the smoky-sweet flavors.

Can kids help with grilling desserts?

Kids can have fun making grilled desserts. Try Toasted Marshmallow Fun and Sweet Skewers with Salted Caramel Drizzle. They're easy and everyone will love them.

Can I enjoy grilled desserts even if I don't have access to a grill?

You can still make grilled-style desserts without a grill. Use a stovetop grill pan, a broiler, or a blowtorch for similar flavors.

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